A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

SecuriTECH would like to thank you for purchasing a SecuriTECH Licensed Computer. In the landscape of Licensed Computers, we know there are many choices, so when you choose to spend your money on the SecuriTECH brand, we want you to feel like you've got the most powerful Licensed Computer that money can buy.

Disclaimer: Licensed used of SecuriTECH Computers is not guaranteed by your purchase. The production, distribution, and operation of modified LC's is unlawful. Access to extraNET services is strictly prohibited to unauthorized users.

Note from the developer: I'm currently resolving resolution issues with the Windows build. If you've downloaded the game for Windows, and would like to help me get it running at an acceptable resolution, please download the resolution test package and provide me some feedback via Twitter @ABTBenjamins

Install instructions

No special steps are needed to play SEG Fault. Simply download the game for your platform of choice and unpackage the .zip file.

For Windows, run SEG FAULT.exe and for Mac, run SEG FAULT.app


SEG FAULT Resolution Test - WIN.zip 41 MB

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